Programming Note: Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I’ll be streaming a little bit of the PC adventure game Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within tonight on my Twitch channel at around 7 pm PDT/10 pm EDT.

The Gabriel Knight games are a series of point-and-click adventures created by Jane Jensen. They play out like mystery novels, but with supernatural twists. In the case of The Beast Within, the plot centers around a series of killings apparently done by werewolves. For more info, check out this article at Hardcore Gaming 101.

I’ve chosen to play the second game specifically because it’s an FMV game, and I thought that might be more entertaining to watch, especially since I won’t be doing live commentary.

So get out your popcorn, and join me at 7 pm Pacific/10 pm Eastern for Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within!

Also, all future streaming notices will only be posted over at the Lagoon from now on so as to keep things from getting cluttered up over here.


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