Programming Note: Twitch Streaming

You may have noticed that there’s now a link to my Twitch profile in the network links. Well, I’ve been dabbling in streaming a little bit lately. Nothing fancy, just some random PC games. I’m not doing full playthroughs, and I don’t even do live commentary. (No one really watches anyway.) It’s just something I’ve been experimenting with for fun.

However, I’m wondering if this is something any of you might be interested in. I’ve had some ideas for content that could accompany the streams, but I’m just dipping my toes in the water for now.

It’s almost October, which means Halloween is just around the corner, and I’d like to do some holiday-appropriate games. I’ll post advance notice in case any of you might want to drop in and hang out for a while.

In the mean time, post any thoughts or opinions in the comments.


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