Site News – June 30, 2015

I hate writing apologies for neglecting the blog. I’d rather my apology simply be resumption of regular posting. But that hasn’t happened, and, well, I apologize for it.

No, the blog is not abandoned. I just haven’t been able to focus on it in the past few months. But I do want to get back to it, and in-progress series’ like Confessions of a Nintendo Fan will continue. Eventually.

In the mean time, I am still contributing to The Punk Effect, and I also run the Tumblr for Hardcore Gaming 101, so please check those out.

Hopefully I’ll be back to posting again soon.


5 thoughts on “Site News – June 30, 2015

  1. Glad to hear that Lark’s Island is simply on a break. I’ve been wondering what was up; assumed you were busy running the HG101 Tumblr (congrats on that, BTW). You’ll have my readership once you do pick it back up. 🙂

    PS – We should try to meet up in Splatoon! I keep missing you.

    1. Nester

      Thanks for sticking around, Wildcat! I’ll try to get back into things soon.

      And we should definitely meet up in Splatoon! Considering how regularly I find myself playing it, I’m surprised we haven’t run into each other yet.

      1. Well, I’m Level 9, so if you’re only in Ranked battles, that may be why. :p I saw you yesterday on my Friends list, but never got the chance to deliberately link to you in a Friends match. Maybe this weekend!

        1. Nester

          I go between Ranked Mode and Turf Wars, depending on what I’m in the mood for. (Ranked matches get INTENSE!) But friends can only play together in Turf Wars anyway. I think both modes will be disabled during Splatfest tomorrow, so I’m not sure how things will work as far as friends go.

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