Ruminations – Looking Back at 2013

Pandora's Tower iconIt’s been a transitional year here on Lark’s Island. The blog has gone through a slight change in focus and two visual overhauls. Due to circumstances, content mostly dried up for the first half of the year, and page views went away with it. But over the summer, I resolved myself to making at least one post per week, and so far, I’ve mostly stuck to it. I also took a more casual free form approach that seems to be working pretty well for me, although the number of page views never really picked back up. Oh well. Thanks to the one of you who still checks in regularly!

Here are some of the things I wrote this year that I recommend checking out:

Mega Shock! – Looking Back at Neo Geo
The Legacy of Wonder Boy
Sin & Punishment: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
My All-Time Favorite 2D Platform Games (Part 1)(Part 2)
Rockin’ the Dreamcast: Music That Defined a Console
Games With Great Storytelling
Gunstar Heroes: Our Only Hope

This year, I also became a retro gaming news contributor to The Punk Effect. It’s an independent website run by Pat Contri, aka Pat the NES Punk, so please check that out as well.

As far as gaming goes, it hasn’t been too exciting of a year for me, but there were a couple of big events. The first one was the long-anticipated release of Pandora’s Tower on the Wii. I had to wait three years and go through two other games to get to it, but I finally got to play it, and I was not disappointed! It’s a great game that strives to do something unique, and it’s refreshing and intriguing. It’s the last great Wii game in North America.

I also bought a new next gen console. Thanks to a price drop and a steady flow of great releases in the second half of the year, not to mention several great looking games scheduled for next year, I picked up a Wii U. I’m really excited to have one, and I look forward to getting a bunch of games for it!

Anyway, I’ll be taking next week off, so I’ll see you again in 2014! Enjoy the holidays and have a happy new year!


3 thoughts on “Ruminations – Looking Back at 2013

  1. I’m still here! 😉

    Just a FYI, I’ve opened up my latest game endeavor today: Feel free to check it out and add it as a link if you’d like! I’m considering a link section, and if I do, you know I’ll include you! 😀 Happy New Year, my good friend!

    1. Nester

      Hey, Wildcat, great to see you!

      I’m glad to see you start a new blog, even if it’s just an occasional thing. Link added! (You’ve got a new follower, as well! 😉 )

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