Introducing Lark’s Lagoon!

As a personal blog, Lark’s Island is not a news site, nor was it ever intended to be. After all, why would anyone come here for video game news when they could go to any number of mainstream sites that provide tons of great coverage?

Still, I occasionally come across bits of news that don’t seem to get mainstream attention. Or I see a niche story with subject matter that’s relevant to the kind of content I usually have on the blog. In these cases, I would like to bring attention to them, but Lark’s Island just isn’t appropriate for it.

And so I’ve decided to start a separate Tumblr blog called (tentatively) Lark’s Lagoon. The focus of The Lagoon is to cover niche and “off-center” gaming news, events and other miscellany, as well as updates for the main blog. Things are still a work in progress over there, so I’m still tweaking and changing things (I might change the name), but there’s already a handful of posts.

Please check it out (and follow if you’re on Tumblr)!

Lark’s Lagoon


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