RPG Journal – Worlds Beyond

Xenoblade Chronicles Box ArtI’m not sure if I was really prepared for how hardcore Xenoblade actually is. I mean, I knew it was going to be a long game with an involved story, but aside from that, I tend to think of JRPGs as being on automatic pilot. Xenoblade, however, has some pretty in-depth character customization options, as well as numerous detailed subsystems. It all gets pretty complex for me, and it’s a little overwhelming. Thankfully, the game doesn’t rely too heavily on the micromanagement, so I can just brute force my way through if I decide not to mess with it.

Overall, I’m really enjoying Xenoblade, and it’s gotten me into kind of an RPG mood. I feel less apprehensive about getting into them now, and I’m even more excited about playing The Last Story this summer. Additionally, while I was writing my RPG Reflections series a couple of months ago, I toyed around with some of my old Ultima games. They’re difficult to play these days, as their pace and interface are definitely products of their time. I’ve never beaten most of them, or even gotten very far, but I realized that I really would like to go back to Ultima VI, VII and VII-2, and for once, actually see them through to the end. I would also like to replay Ultima VIII.

The problem is that I know that will take a big commitment and a lot of patience from me, and I don’t think it would be a good idea to take on such a large endeavor while I’m still working my way through Xenoblade. And Xenoblade is so big and involved that I’m just hoping to finish it by the time The Last Story comes out.

So, this is the downside of RPGs. They’re big, long games, and it’s hard to go from one to another.


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