Bloggin’ – April 7, 2012

Inactivity aside, it seems I’ve been writing a lot about RPGs here lately, all in anticipation of Xenoblade Chronicles, which I picked up yesterday.

I was thinking of maybe writing some occasional musings as I play through the game. Nothing involving spoilers or the story or anything specific, but just my personal feelings as I make my way through it. Sort of a “Xenoblade Chronicle,” so to speak. Will the game win me over and reignite my RPG flame, or will I come away from it bored and apathetic? I don’t know if that would make interesting reading material, but things have been too quiet around here the past few weeks.

Having just gotten the game, I’m only a few hours into it. I think I’m just about through the introductory sections, so I’m not really far enough to have any substantial thoughts on it just yet, but who knows what I’ll think next week, or next month.

I’ve got a long journey ahead of me, and I’m ready to go!


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