Floating in the Clouds

I hope you’ll pardon my little rant about spoiler sensitivity that I posted a few days ago. More than anything, it was just an excuse to try to add a little activity to the blog, as well as try to get myself back into a writing mood. I haven’t felt very motivated to write lately, and Lark’s Island has suffered for it. So, cranking out a quick and sloppy editorial was an attempt to unclog my system.

In other news, I’ve begun playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This is the first game I’ve played in a few years that has made me curious, and even intrigued, by motion control, probably because it’s the first game I’ve played that uses the Wii Motion Plus. Now, maybe I’m one of the few gamers these days that actually isn’t averse to motion controls. I simply see it as another form of input, like a “regular” controller, mouse and keyboard, touchscreen, steering wheel, trackball, etc. Games are usually best played with whatever input device they were designed for, and Skyward Sword definitely excels in this regard.


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