The Illusions of Castlevania

The Illusions of Castlevania

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Players have traversed through Dracula’s castle countless times over the past quarter-century, but despite that, not all of its secrets have been revealed. There have been many rumored and canceled games in the series that have fed many an active imagination. But are these mysterious tales true, or simply the tricks of unseen forces? Find out as we look into the illusions of Castlevania.

The Bloodletting

Originally announced for the Genesis 32X add-on, not much is known about the mysterious Bloodletting. The game was announced in gaming magazines of the time, and allegedly, two screen shots were also shown, but such images have yet to turn up on the Internet. After its initial unveiling, the game was never heard from again, and it’s speculated that at least part of it was integrated into Symphony of the Night.

Shin Dracula X

Shin Dracula X Shin Dracula X
Castlevania fandom soared after the success of Symphony, and in the earlier days of the Internet, it wasn’t long before rumors of a sequel began to spread like a plague. One such rumor spoke of a game called Shin Dracula X, which was also accompanied by two tiny screen shots. Unfortunately, no further information was ever discovered, and the entire thing turned out to be a hoax.


Castlevania: Resurrection Castlevania: Resurrection
Originally announced for the Sega Dreamcast, Resurrection was being worked on by an American team. However, disagreements between them and the management in Japan, as well as the release of Sony’s PlayStation 2, factored into an eventual cancellation. All that remains are a few screen shots, some concept art, and some demo videos. Although more is known about this canceled Castlevania that any other, it’s unlikely to ever actually be resurrected.

For some fascinating insight into the development of the project, check out the Castlevania Dungeon’s interview with art director Greg Orduyan.

Dual Moons

Castlevania: Dual Moons
This game existed only as a headline on a Photoshopped cover of GamePro magazine. It made the rounds on the Internet before its creator admitted it was a hoax, even showing the step-by-step process of how he created it. However, it preceded the official announcement of Portrait of Ruin by only a few weeks.

Unnamed Symphony of the Night sequel/remake

This mysterious teaser trailer was shown at Tokyo Game Show in 2008. It seems to indicate that it’s a 3D sequel to or remake of Symphony of the Night, but nothing else has even been revealed about it. It was likely canceled, taking the truth to its grave.


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