So Far, So Good

It’s probably easy to see that I’m still experimenting with content here on Lark’s Island. The three main features, Arcade Mania, Gallery Mode, and Then and Now are still evolving from their original concepts into something more focused.

Arcade Mania – This is probably the most straightforward feature, and is really just meant for me to express my fondness of arcade games. The articles aren’t really reviews, per se, as much as they are simple description and discussion, and maybe a little reminiscing on my part. Mainly, though, it’s just an excuse for me to play arcade games and write about them. Hopefully I’m making it entertaining.

Gallery Mode – This is the most ambitious feature, and as I previously described, it’s meant to be a more in-depth analytical look at video games and certain aspects of them. I suppose you could say it’s my response to the way people talk about video games as media.

Then and Now – The original intention of this feature was to do a direct contrast of video games, characters, elements, or whatever from their first (or earlier) to latest (or more recent) iterations. I think it’s the shakiest of the features, and needs to be fine-tuned a bit more. Only time will tell if it sticks around for the long haul or ends up being replaced with something else. I have something rather ambitious planned for it this week, so we’ll see how that goes.

Then there’s the All-Time Favorites feature, which started off at LVLs. as “Nester’s Favorite Games,” and I’m simply cross-posting it here.

I may scale back the frequency of my posting a little bit in the interest of higher quality articles. It can be hard to give each article the attention it needs if I’m more concerned with cranking one out every day. So, some features may only be posted every other week, but I’ll try to make sure not to miss any more than that.

And of course, feedback is appreciated! Feel free to post a comment below, or send me a tweet @NesterTheLark and let me know what you think!


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